Why Bother

Is business so good, the money is piling in and you don’t have the time toread this – Congratulations.

I know your website is a thing of beauty but does it really provide the amount of business that you hoped for? If the answer is no keep reading

  • Do you track the visitors and know how they move around your website?
  • What search terms are potential customers using to Google your business?
  • What should visitors do on your website?
  • How many potential customers leave your website without taking any action?

I could go on and on but if none of the above matters to you,  there really is no point.

I have worked with many business owners who have already asked themselves some of these questions. I can quickly identify why your website is under performing and tell you how performance and revenue (or enquiries) can by improved.

I am not a graphic designer or a coder but a Digital Marketing Professional and I have faced these problems in the past with my own business website.

What Do I Do   (my ex. used to ask me this!)

I look at the boring stuff: site loading times, mobile style sheets, browser compatibility, targetting search terms, your competitors’ activities and lots of other things that quite frankly most web developers don’t want to know about. It is not sexy but it is critical to being successful.

Social Media

The impact Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare and G+ are all having on business websites is truly important. If you find the whole phenomenon of social media boring or you need to know which social media site is best for your business then I can advise you.

Not Enough Time

 As a business owners you never have time to post to social media or update blogs and content. Why not hire me to do this for you? From £60 per month you can sit back and let me do it. Now there is a Problem Solved.