Penguin 4 Update | Possum Local Search

2016 has so far been a very important year for Google updates and changes. Many business owners have been hit badly by the latest Penguin update and they no longer have a website that gets enquiries or sales. This update is all about websites that have lots of low quality links pointing to them. This technique was commonly used by seo agencies to improve rankings and traffic. The bad news is:
It no longer works and is a negative ranking factor.
Let me check your website for free and see if your link profile is harming its performance.

Google My Local Listings – Possum Update Sept. 2016

Google “My Business”

This update impacted local search results and like Penguin has caused major headaches for many website owners. In the past is was hard to get local business located outside of town boundaries to rank in the local search results. Google has extended the distances now and rotates the results. You have probably also noticed that the number of businesses listed has been reduced from 7 to 3.
You can see below that I rank in the local search results for my home town and can do the same for your business.