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Great Designers seldom make great advertising men. because they get overcome with the beauty of the picture and forget that merchandise must be sold
James Randolph Adams 1898-1956
Search Engine Optimisation

Specialised search engine optimisation using proven strategies guaranteed to get you results.

You Need Great Content

SEO focus has shifted from keywords to content. You need great unique content on your website is what Google is looking for.

Website Hosting

Mobile and speed need quality hosting which is critical for ranking well.

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I have spent years owning and running a succession of businesses in the retail sector. I was quick to start offering products for sale on the internet in 2003. I needed to get more visitors to my website and get more sales. I learnt to look at the science of search engine optimisation. What makes one website higher in Google than another? Since then I have helped hundreds of website owners get more inquiries and sales.

  • Research

    Knowing what searches relate to your product or service are always the starting point.

  • Analysis

    Tracking visitors and knowing how they move around your website is vital.

  • Clarity

    What do you want visitors do on your website - Look & leave or Click?

  • Action

    What actions will make you succeed?


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