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My Favourite Quote

Great Designers seldom make great advertising men. because they get overcome with the beauty of the picture and forget that merchandise must be sold
James Randolph Adams 1898-1956
Search Engine Optimisation

I specialise in tailored search optimisation using proven strategies guaranteed to give you the results you need. I always use approved methods and report on progress regularly. The search engine optimisation process starts with “cherry picked” improvements that will deliver fast returns on investment and quickly get your web site more visible and higher up the search results on Google. This website ranks for many search terms that are important to my income. Use the link on the main menu to look at my rankings.

SEO & Web Design

Commonly, the budget for a new website is primarily spent either on technical features ( spinning pictures etc.) or fantastic graphics or maybe a bit of both. You will probably want these features, but what about making sure that the copy writing is really compelling and takes account of the ‘on page optimisation’ required to get your site easily found on the search engines? What calls to action will you use to ensure visitors actually do something in response to visiting your web site. Will you have a great method of collecting the names of visitors to the site – so that you can follow up and start building a strong business relationship.

Web Hosting

Your website hosting is a very important ranking factor which is often overlooked. If you are hosting on a poor quality shared server in a lost and forgotten corner of the universe then do not be surprised if you are struggling to be found. I can host your website on UK based servers with great uptime and customer service. Google takes into account the geographical location of your website for obvious reasons.

About Me

personal service

I have spent years owning and running a succession of businesses all mainly in the high street retail sector. I was quick to start offering products for sale on the internet and quickly learnt that being high up in the search results is critical. I also leant to look at the boring stuff: site loading times, mobile style sheets, browser compatibility, targetting search terms, your competitors' activities and lots of other things that quite frankly most web developers don't want to know about. It is not sexy but it is critical for online success. I am not a graphic designer or a coder but a Digital Marketing Professional.

  • Do You Know?

    What search terms your potential customers are using to Google your business

  • Research

    Do you track your visitors and know how they move around your website?

  • Clarity

    What do you want visitors do on your website - Look & leave or Click?

  • Conversion & goal setting

    What conversion goals do you have in place on your website?

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Is your website all about you?

Does Your Website Focus On You Or Your Visitor?

When you’re running any website, it seems obvious but you must be clear about its purpose. Most websites should be putting the customer at the centre of all its activity. But this is often not the case and can require a shift in your whole marketing perspective. 'I think the main difference between a brochure and a lead generation website', says Jayne Reddyhoff, Director of The Ecommerce Adviser, 'is that a brochure website is about us, the company¸ and a lead generation site is about you, the customer'.


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